"Fire and Smoke Sessions" are a different type of photography that involves capturing images with "Fire and Smoke" in a safe manor. We use props with whatever you are passionate about. (Sports, Dance, Martial Arts, Band, Cheer: the list goes on and on.) This is done in a controlled environment and requires special equipment and precautions to ensure safety. The resulting images will be dramatic and visually stunning!

What do you need to bring for a Fire & Smoke session?

You will need to bring anything you want to wear for the session and the gear you want shown; (Helmets, bats, gloves, balls, instruments, or tools you use for your job) anything you want to showcase besides yourself in the final images.

Do I have to have fire in the pictures?

No you don't! The session can be with just smoke and I highly recommend this for younger kids. You will still get amazing and stunning images.

Can you take pictures of an entire sports team?

Absolutely I can! One scheduled photo shoot is reserved for the entire team. This is the best part of my job; all the kids brainstorming and getting ideas and working together.

Do you travel?

I definitely do, for sports team photos I will come to you at your school. If there is a location you want to do this type of session at we can work the details out together.

To Book your Fire & Smoke session or for more information please contact Erin at: