What is a Branding Session?

I get asked this question a lot! So, if you don't know or have wondered then, stick around.

Let's start with what a "brand" is. Maybe you have a favorite type of hot sauce and you always purchase the same hot sauce every time you need more. What brand are you buying? Who makes it? Are you a Coke or Pepsi fan? Both are different brands of soda and market themselves differently. A brand tells people what your business stands for and what you provide.

A branding session is way more than a headshot of you. It is more than showing what you look like, but what your business feels like. A branding session is a photography session to help you show who you are, what your brand is about, and what you sell or do with your business.

After a branding session with me, you will walk away with a selection of images for your website, marketing, and social media needs. You will have a collection of images to use everywhere you show off your brand. Elevate your website with high-end images that really show who you are. Create fliers with print-worthy images to attract the right clients for your business. Also, you will have a variety of cohesive images to share on social media, ensuring you are putting your best foot forward everywhere a potential client or buyer could come into contact with your business.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or have a team, a branding session will help showcase your business visually.